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Valley Membership Achievement Project


VMAP is designed to provide every Scottish Rite candidate, member and leader in the Southern Jurisdiction with a useful working tool for planning and promoting a well-rounded seiries of Valley activities to engage and involve every member in the life and work of their Valley.  in other words, VMAP is designed to help every Valley provide its members with a superior Scottish Rite experience.

VMAP was created entirely by the Scottish Rite brethren who attended and participated in the 2014 Scottish rite Regional Leadership Workshops.  The way it works is a Valley first decides to participate in VMAP and then executes the project by completing specific activities in ten separate subject areas that cover the full spectrum of the Scottish rite experience.

Valley's that elect to participate in VMAP will receive a framed Certificate of Participation.  Valley's that reach specific thresholds in each of the ten separate subject areas will receive a VMAP Achievement plaque along with VMAP Achievement lapel pins for each of their members.

It is important to note the VMAP is not a competition between Valley's and it runs for twelve months at a time, aligned with the calendar year.  The VMAP program can be downloaded in it's entirety from here.  The Valley of New Bern has adopted this program to fit the needs of the Valley as well as the members of the Valley and can be downloaded from here.

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